Fabio vs. The Internet

Music coder / Code producer


My first instrument ever was the computer. I made electronic music first, using trackers, and after years I finally learned how to play drums.

My main music project (band?) is called No Step. It’s not my first; for a long time I had a band called Gerador Zero that was a lot of fun and had some success in the 00s, but no native english speaker can pronounce “Gerador Zero” correctly. Just try it.

I also had several other projects along the way: Concert for Harp and Notebook, MECHUPA and I still maintain a podcast called BitBang!. I also post some in-progress tracks to Soundcloud from time to time.

I’ve also worked on soundtracks, TV spots, remixes and general music/audio production/mixing/mastering for artists of varied styles.

If you’re interested in booking me to DJ, perform, mix/master your tracks or do any other audio-related job, talk to me.